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The LA Vegan brand is unique in that our products are always 100 percent vegan and specially designed to support a truly healthy vegan lifestyle. Whether you are a long-time vegan, new to a vegan lifestyle, or just now in the process of transitioning to veganism, LA Vegan offers products to help facilitate your journey and make being a vegan fun, healthy, and convenient.

LA Vegan products are cruelty-free and compassionate. We strongly believe in and advocate for the ethical treatment of animals, as well as the importance of human health. The fusion of these two beliefs is what gave birth to our brand — compassion for animals and compassion for the self through nutrition means compassion for all creation!

LA Vegan is committed to developing wellness products that are of the HIGHEST QUALITY at the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE.

Our research and development team is regularly engaged in sourcing, testing, and analyzing new ideas to develop the best quality on the market at a fraction of the normal cost.

While many of the leading brands offer exceptional quality in their products, they may spend enormous financial resources in marketing, upscale packaging, and warranty insurance. Our distributors partner with excellent companies like Amazon to bring you superior quality at the lowest possible price!

Remember this website was developed to inform, advise, and be a valuable resource, because health and wellness really matter us.


  • Do something spectacular for health
  • Maximize your well-being
  • Live to your fullest potential
  • Be happy, be healthy, be wise
  • And have fun!

LA Vegan – Where Your Wellness Really Matters!